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Do you desperately need a decor makeover in your home?  Did you inherit furniture you think is outdated but don’t have the heart to discard?  Do you drool over the pages of magazines and blogs, dreaming of a better life for your home?  Perhaps your house has beauty and charm, but you desperately need help pulling it all together? 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, we want to help!  

Our highly trained interior designer and makeover specialist will turn rooms from dusty to dazzling, transforming furniture you already own into pieces you’ll love all over again…all without major construction!    

If you’re interested, see the “How To Apply” section. Be sure to include pictures of you, the exterior of your home and, most important, pictures of the the decor-challenged rooms.  Please include any photos of furniture or lighting pieces you think could benefit from a new life.

We are looking for energetic and outgoing people who are ready to update their style!  We’re looking for homes in the Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York areas.

Thank you for applying!


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